In 2019 CBME grand opening, CNFONO brings Wellohi to make a brand-new stage pose, stealing the spotlight with strength!

  On July 25-27, the annual global feast for infants and children - CBME China Baby and Child Show was grandly opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center! The CBME China Baby and Child Show began in 2001 and is held once a year. It has been successfully held for 19 sessions. This year, CNFONO's Wellohi brand was once again invited by CBME to make its debut at booth 1D103 of World Expo No. 1 Center!

Booth scene

  Detailed product explanations on the booth, high-tech element product display, featured interactive zones and negotiations help visitors to understand CNFONU's powerful strength, and also help Wellohi brand to gain customers' recognition and facilitate transactions. During the exhibition, Wellohi Exhibition Hall attracted the participation of celebrities of mothers and infants product industry from all over the world, industry media, agents, distributors, partners and consumers. Wellohi instantly became the focus of the audience and attracted a large number of people.

Wellohi booth attracts lots of visitors

Rejuvenated image seizes the consumers' mind

Celebrities in the mothers and infants product industry came to help out

Mr. Cheng Yan, general manager of CNFONO, is communicating pleasantly with customers

  Mr. Cheng Yan, General Manager of CNFONO, said that CNFONO's professional baby and pregnant mother nutrition brand Wellohi has appeared in this year's CBME with a new image that meets the new generation of consumers, and is welcomed by customers. In March of this year, Wellohi has completed a new upgrade of its brand image and held a brand upgrade conference to introduce to the public the new parent-child image ambassador of Wellohi, "village head" Li Rui, New LOGO, New IP Daxi, and New Product Packaging, etc. Wellohi pays attention to youthfulness in brand building: cater to the mainstream consumer groups in the next decade, such as packaging upgrades; vividness: brand IP-based, more figurative, such as Daxi, such as Li Rui endorsement; interactiveness: communication is more capable than preaching to get the good feeling of the core consumers, such as the mother school; scenes: the consumer scene is the door to the brand cognition, such as the audience-segmentation advertising; exclusiveness: using customized thinking to serve the core group, such as the membership system.

President Li of Mommy Baby Products Association of Guangdong Retail Chain Branch  (second from left) shows up for support

Beyond expectations, empowering terminal stores

Mr. Yang Pei, deputy general manager of CNFONO, received an interview with a yummy mummy

  Mr. Yang Pei, deputy general manager of CNFONU, said that the advantages of Wellohi are reflected in two aspects: surpassing consumer expectations and surpassing the expectations of partners.

  First, surpassing consumer expectations. First of all, the state's laws and regulations on health care products are extremely strict. Wellohi strictly follows our laws and regulations, and product safety is guaranteed, which is extremely important for all consumers.

  Second, surpassing the expectation of collaborators. Wellohi United Marketing University is established for empowering the terminals, including the marketing college with the mission of "let the terminal have no hard-to-sell nutritional products", the nutrition college with the mission of "making the profession popular", and the New Power College with "making talents be replicatable" as the mission. The three colleges work together to empower the terminals and continue to carry out various marketing activities, such as the intelligence express charity, the "Ace to Ace" national sales competition, the Wellohi spokesperson contest, Li Rui Smart Baby Village, and the Special Training Camp for Pregnancy and Infant Nutritionists.

Group photo of customers

  In addition, Wellohi's advertisement has appeared with strength in strong national media, including CCTV advertising, Shenzhen subway advertising, and terminal building advertising, etc. In addition, the comprehensive coverage of the new media matrix, terminal vivid display support, industry exhibitions and public relations activities, have enhanced the brand's influence, empowered the terminals, and detonated sales.

Mr. Shen Qi, director of Market Center of CNFONU, revealed the brand promotion strategy

It is what giants favor, and the good partner of mothers and infants product stores

New packaging strongly supports

  2018-2019, for many mothers and infants product retailers, it is undoubtedly the period in which the category structure has changed the most. According to relevant data, mothers and infants nutrition products have huge market space and explosive power in mothers and infants product chain stores, which will become the profit of the mothers and infants product stores. The choice of manufacturers and which brand to cooperate with is a problem that many mothers and infants product retailers need to consider carefully. CNFONU is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

  In addition to its own brand Wellohi, CNFONU has continued to cooperate with international brands. There has been the cooperation between Pfizer and Centrum of Wyeth, and there is the cooperation between Nestlé and Mandorn. With the ability to gain the trust of two international nutrition giants, CNFONU proves itself with strength. Mr. Cheng Yan, general manager of CNFONU, said that from the perspective of long-term planning, CNFONU will adhere to the brand strategy of "1+N"."1" means Wellohi, "N" means introduction of international brands, learning from the management ideas of international leading brands, gathering talents, training sales teams, and forming a multi-brand complementary pattern. Needless to say, only the leading position of P&G in the field of consumer goods is enough to verify the success of the "multi-brand strategy".

CNFONO Booth attracts many visitors to stop

  In this exhibition, Wellohi and Wetgold DHA series products (such as: Wetgold Algae DHA Gel Candy), immune series products (such as Bomax Powder), children's calcium series products (such as: Gaierjia Seaweed Powder Gel Candy), gastrointestinal series (such as: stachyose, probiotics), pregnant women series (such as: Gaiyunjia, iron folic acid) and other series of products debut make an excellent stage pose. On the scene, many people of the industry taste on-site, and all of them praise. Wellohi display is CP-based, and "cat eye" concept packaging design and the on-site interactive activities of new IP Daxi are eye-catching, among which, imported Wetgold DHA products of Wellohi attracted a large number of people to stop at the booth consultation, becoming the focus of the hot audience!

Wellohi series products

  In this year's CBME Pregnancy and Baby Fair, CNFONU brings Wellohi to make a brand-new stage pose. With its product designs that are unique, raw materials of product that are carefully selected, product research that is scientific and rigorous, and product quality that is well-known, it brings new surprises to many agents, channels, partners and consumers, and channel professionals from all walks of life give it high marks. In the future, CNFONU will definitely continue to adhere to the mission of "making birth away from nutritional imbalances", increase efforts to empower terminals, and work with terminals to bring safe and quality products to consumers.

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