Carefully chosen technologies for ensuring quality · Xiao Keyong, deputy general manager of CNFONU, led a team to inspect Changsha to inspect new production line equipment

   In order to further enhance the professional level of the company's own factories and bring more quality new products to consumers, CNFONO plans to add a new production line, which is a drop bottling and special medical food bottling line. The establishment of the new production line will further enhance the market competitiveness of Wellohi's new products.

Group photo of CNFONU Study Group and senior management of Today Technology

  From July 10 to 11, Xiao Keyong, deputy general manager of CNFONO, together with Zhou Yanyan, senior manager of Purchasing Department, Deng Yingyan, senior manager of R&D department, and Deng Bolin, senior manager of CNFONO, etc. went to Changsha to conduct on-the-spot investigations and listened to the introduction of the major production line manufacturers, to understand in detail the current market on the production of drop bottling and special medical food bottling lines, in order to find a high-quality production line equipment partners, carefully choose technologies, and ensure quality.

On-site inspection

  The CNFONO Study Group visited well-known enterprises such as Truking Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known Shenzhen listed company, Changsha Today Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturer, and Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd., which was awarded the title of National Enterprise Technology Center, for in-depth understanding of all aspects of the company with the heads of major enterprises and in-depth inspection of machinery and equipment in the production line workshop.

  Xiao Keyong, deputy general manager of CNFONO, said that CNFONO will adhere to the mission of "making birth away from nutritional imbalances", follow the "five unified procurement model" in accordance with international GMP standards, strictly control the procurement of production equipment, and strive to improve the production process, and be committed to producing the highest quality nutritional supplements using the most advanced technologies to ensure quality from the source.
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