Healthy China - CNFONU is in action!


  On July 15, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Implementing Healthy China Action" and issued the "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)" at the national level to plan a new "construction map" for further promoting healthy China construction. This medium- and long-term action focuses on the current major health problems and influencing factors. Focusing on the two cores of disease prevention and health promotion, 15 major special actions will be carried out to prevent people from getting sick and make people get sick less often.

  As the executive vice president unit of the Health Care Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province, a member of the Health Care Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province Children's Nutrition Health Professional Committee, and a member of the Mommy Baby Products Association of Guangdong, CNFONO has been adhering to the corporate mission of "making birth away from nutritional imbalances" since its establishment in 2007 and has created countless miracles for the health of the nation. Relying on its own market and strong comprehensive strength, CNFONO has become a high-tech enterprise with relatively high market share. For more than ten years, CNFONO has actively participated in the National Nutrition and Health Action, fulfilled corporate responsibility, always adhered to providing efficient products and user services, and fully implemented the popularization of nutrition and health activities.

  In November 2016, in an effort to appeal to more people to pay more attention to brain nutrition and brain health, and to popularize the DHA knowledge and health concept, Wellohi launched a large-scale public welfare campaign-Brain Intelligence and Nutrition Tour in China. As of October 2017, Wellohi children's intelligence express has launched 4,000 activities in more than 20 provinces including Guangdong, Zhejiang and Northeast provinces, providing nutritional counseling services to more than 30,000 families. In the future, Wellohi intelligence express will continue to march forward, serving people in all regions of the country with more professional and considerate service and brand-new mental outlook!

▲ 2019 Wellohi Intelligence Express National Emergency Team Launching Meeting

  In May 2017, CNFONO and CTR CVSC-SOFRES MEDIA (CSM) released China's first "White Paper on China's Mothers and Infants Nutrition Industry", which refines the concept of "Thousand-day Nutrition and Thousand-day Immunization" for Chinese mothers and infants. Seven new products for strengthening immunity, improvement of intestinal health, and mineral supplementation, etc. are launched, which are committed to solving the nutritional supplement for mothers and infants.

▲ CNFONO Officially Releasing "White Papers on China's Mothers & Infants Nutrition Industry" in China

  In May 2018, with rich channel resources and business experience accumulated in the mothers and infants nutrition field, CNFONO and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals of Pfizer reached a strategic cooperation and became the only supplier in China for mothers and infants products of Centrum Brand of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and fully operate Wyeth's mothers and infants products of Centrum. Through alliance between powerful enterprises, with the mutual empowerment of talents, technology, brands, products and customer resources for value addition, we will strengthen and accelerate the construction and upgrading of the industrial chain and ecological chain, form a large number of innovations and services, and open a new chapter in healthy consumption to make China mothers and infants better at enjoying health and maintaining health.

▲Signing a Contract with Centrum of Wyeth, Pfizer Group

  In January 2019, CNFONO's well-known mothers and infants nutrition brand Wellohi signed a contract with "village head" Li Rui of "Daddy, where are we going" as the brand parent-child ambassador. Wellohi will launch "Thousand-day Nutrition Public Welfare Activity" jointly with "village head" Li Rui to call for more people to pay attention to brain nutrition and brain health, and to popularize DHA knowledge and health concepts. In addition, it aims at helping more mothers and infants to enjoy health and maintain health.

▲Signing a contract with Li Rui as the brand's parent-child ambassador

  One person's health is the foundation of the person, and the health of the people is the foundation of the country. For more than ten years, CNFONO has always insisted on taking actual actions to arouse the society's attention to the nutrition balance during pregnancy and improve the nutrition and health awareness of the whole people. In the future, CNFONO will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "making birth away from nutritional imbalances", search for and integrate high-quality nutrient sources and research and development resources, and bring multi-faceted nutritional support to Chinese mothers and infants, so as to make Wellohi become the most trusted nutrition brand for Chinese mothers and infants!

"Deliver Nutrition Directly Cheer for Love "CNFONU Targeted Poverty Alleviation & Nutrition Public Welfare TourBACKCarefully chosen technologies for ensuring quality · Xiao Keyong, deputy general manager of CNFONU, led a team to inspect Changsha to inspect new production line equipment