Wyeth Centrum is shining in CBME Six New Products gain high reputation


The annual high-profile mother-to-child industry event, CBME,kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) on July 25, 2018China's pregnant and infant nutrition listed company - Cnfonu Health and Wyeth Centrum appeared in the CBME for the first time,and their six products have become the focus.

Seizing the largest booth in the Hall attracts extra attention

Wyeth Centrum,with the concept of “focusing on nutrition and guarding every stage", seizes the largest 216㎡booth in the whole hall. The main color of the exhibition area is white and the Wyeth and Centrum brand elements are highlighted, and the brand image is three-dimensionally displayed by popular technology and other forms such as picture and text, product display and  multimedia playingIntegrating good appearance and high technology, the booth is lively and energetic, helping the audience to deeply understand the brand story and the full range of products, providing an unique exhibition experience to the audience.

Wyeth has a history of 100 years and nutrition has entered Chinese market for 30 years.Wyeth Centrum is a US nutrition brand, focusing on scientific research for 35 years, and it realizes the nutritional needs of Chinese mothers and babies at different stages, selects key nutrients, providing professional, targeted nutritional solutions for Chinese people.From the beginning of pregnancy, it accompanies mother and baby's healthy and happy growth.

Father of  World DNA came to the scene

Professor Michael Crawford, Father of  World DHA, came from the UK to support the Wyeth Centrum's booth. He had a keen interest in Wyeth Centrum's DHA Gummy products and carefully consulted DHA Gummy materials, processes, R&D and other related issues and expressed his appreciation for the high quality of the products.He said that he hoped that more people could understand DHA and supplement it in time

Professor Michael Crawford carefully looked over DHA Gummy

Professor Michael Crawford is one of the first scientists to research the mysteries of DHA. He won the gold medal in First International Essential Fatty Acid Conference in 1981. For more than 30 years, Professor has been rooted in brain nutrition science research and has made outstanding contributions to the research of brain nutrition science

Extraordinary products shine the 2018CBME

In addition to the largest booth size and high-profile pavilion design, Wyeth Centrum's  six major products make a blockbuster appearance.The world's leading production technology, the selection of high-quality raw materials in the world, and the certification of national authorities have prompted the birth of Wyeth Centrum's maternal and infant products.Wyeth Centrum's DHA Mummy,  cod-liver oil soft capsule,vitamin AD soft capsule of child series, iron&folic acid tablet,various vitamin selenium soft capsules,calcium citrate D tablet of pregnancy product series     are shining in 2018CBME

Wyeth Centrum DHA Guummy is coming soon

Multi-dimensional nutrition support is of great significance to the growth and development of children and the smooth parturition of pregnant mothers. Wyeth Centrum selects high-quality raw materials from the world with no artificial fragrances or pigment preservatives, focuses on the maternal and infant nutrition from pregnancy,lactation to early childhood,guarding each stage with care

The visitors attending the Wyeth Centrum Products Exhibition Area flood in a  continuous stream  .Among them, the coming DHA Guummy product draws most attentionThe staff introduce the new product to the exhibitors in detail. “This is 100% imported from Norway. The DHA content is sufficient. Each capsule contains DHA 228mg, which  provides an adequate nourishment at each stage from pregnancy to birth.”

The staff also explain Wyeth Centrumfrom various perspectives including product R & D, formula and production, and the high-quality products and advanced R & D capability are highly recognized by exhibition visitors, who begin to have a great interest in the new products, highlighting the strong brand influence and leading strength of Wyeth Centrum in maternal and infant industry

Wyeth Centrum has specially prepared interactive games and exquisite gifts for the audience, bringing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax and making the audience enjoy an unique fun in the booth.

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